OCEAN-35 is a cleaning agent ideally removing the fouling such as slime and mud, which adhere to the plate surface without dismantling the plate heat exchangers.
This mud contamination is mostly formed on sea water side in Central Cooling or L/O Cooling units which are generally operating under low temperature (less than 40-50 degree C).
So far our understanding about sea water side contamination is always Hard Scales (Calcium , Magnesium). So hydrochloric acid (HCl) is often adopted for C.I.P cleaning even though there is slime and mud instead of hard scales, As a matter of fact, hard scales won’t be formed if temperature is less than 50 degree C, if hydrochloric acid is adopted for CIP cleaning, this is not only no cleaning effect, but also might corrode the cooler plates due to lack of neutralization.
OCEAN-35 biodegradable circulation cleaning is a unique method to ideally removes slime and mud away, but also a cost-effective solution to save cleaning time, reduce maintenance work and keep environment friendly.
OCEAN 35 has a great efficacy to remove various organic substances such as marine microorganisms attached to heat transfer surfaces of all heat exchangers. In the micro world, the foam caused by OCEAN 35 on the surface of cooler plates generates cavitation to introduce impact-force and ultrasonic effect, which contribute mechanical cleaning effect on the surface to detach the slime and mud from plates

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